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Romo Itami fabrics are range of luxury fabrics that features beautiful embroideries and stunning weaves put together in a stylish manner. Exploring natures beauty and options for inspiration the designs feature delicate trees, painterly blossoms, and dramatic, colourful embroideries. These woven designs are enhanced with lustrous yarns and combined with the texture and colour each omits a gorgeous sense of luxury and opulence. Explore their Sakuya Fabric design a floral delight inspired by Japanese gardens it has a contemporary feel only available in two colour options but with the pattern adorned on a luxurious silk-like cloth woven with a fine, subtle texture it creates a stunning embroidery. Itami is another fine embroidered jacquard on a lustrous ground, intricate trees form the pattern again inspired by gardens of Japan, it makes a wonderful curtain fabric, blind or decorative cushion and comes in multiple colour options. Saphira is a Romo classic from a previous collection but included here as an embroidered curtain fabric. Their Tambara fabric is a fashionable stepped chevron design and with an abstract look and appeal it forms a beautiful movement of colour suited for stylish curtains and cushions. A charming curtain fabric range that celebrates the brand Romo’s passion for beautiful design enriched with a vibrant palette of evocative tones. Explore online and consider our made to measure curtains, blinds, and soft furnishing services all available at TM Interiors Limited.