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Prestigious Textiles Muse Fabrics

Muse Collection brings a bold, Mondrian-inspired aesthetic to life with its range of digital prints. This contemporary collection features geometric designs on upholstery-weight satin and chenille, coordinated with small-scale jacquards and modern embroidery. With a confident palette ranging from contemporary brights to sugared pastels, Muse is a celebration of colour and form. Ideal for those with an affinity for retro themes with a modern twist, these fabrics lend themselves to custom made curtains UK and bespoke upholstery, infusing spaces with a sophisticated vibrancy. Whether left unadorned for a minimalist look or paired with pops of colour, Muse fabrics are perfect for making a statement in any room.

Prestigious Textiles Muse Fabrics
Prestigious Textiles Muse Fabrics
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