Morris And Co Archive IV The Collector Fabrics

Morris and Co Archive IV The Collector Fabrics
Morris and Co Archive IV The Collector Fabrics is the fourth volume of the outstandingly successful Archive series, where the Morris & Co. studio have explored Morris' role as a collector of Persian carpets and global textiles and the influence it had on his work. Inspired by Morris' passion for understanding the craftsmanship of the past and the East, this collection includes adaptations of his stunning hand knotted carpets as well as the Eastern textiles found complementing Morris fabrics and wallpapers in the interiors of Standen and Wightwick Manor. The collection features eight unique fabrics in various colour options such as Acanthus which is one of Morris' most iconic patterns and with typical complex layering and vigorous curves, the scrolling acanthus foliage produces a three-dimensional effect that works perfectly on upholstery and or curtains. The range also includes Bullerswood fabric which is inspired by a carpet hand-woven at Merton Abbey and exhibited by Morris & Co. at the 1893 Arts and Crafts Society exhibition, and this original design probably came from the enormous Persian original hung by Morris in his dining room at Kelmscott House and is likened to a traditional Persian 'vase carpet'. Little Chintz is a versatile small-scale print from the Archive IV collection and is available in four colourways, with the design featuring pomegranates and other Indian inspired motifs, this fabric was originally an indigo resist-dyed cotton made at the dyeworks of Thomas Wardle, Morris' collaborator in understanding Indian indigo dyeing techniques. Wandle was first produced in 1884, and the fabric features a striped meandering diagonal branch from which various flowers emanate, and an interesting fact for all you ethusuiasts is the original printed design was achieved by a combination of indigo discharge and block printing and existed as either a two colour or multi-coloured version, which would have needed 32 blocks in total. The Bullerswood fabric inspired by a carpet hand-woven at Merton Abbey, and the Indian Loop fabric deisgn inspired by the beautiful 'suzani' embroidery. If you looking for a semi plain fabric to work with all of these fantastic designs then Brunswick is a tweedy, semi-plain-woven fabric with mixed colour flecks running through across a rich earthy palette of 12 colourways that complements the collection well. This mix of qualities and production techniques is also perfectly complemented by a collection of Archive IV wallpapers and Purleigh Weaves, a collection of versatile upholstery fabrics. Become a collector, if not already, and buy the fantastic full range of Morris & Co fabrics online at TM Interiors Limited.
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