Moon Fabric

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Specialising in luxury wool fabrics, and one of the last end-to-end manufacturers of woollen cloth in Britain, this prestigious brand has a long and established heritage as a luxury fabric supplier. In 2009 they extended their range with the acquisition of luxury fabrics brand Bronte Tweeds. 

Moon Fabrics were established in 1837 when Abraham Moon founded the company in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, in the very same year Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne. It is their company's fine history that is just one of many features that come together to make Abraham Moon products and fabrics extra special, and is something they are rightfully proud of. From supplying the fabric for a growing Leeds market throughout the 1800's to supplying the major fashion houses of modern times, this rich tapestry all comes together to create quite a story over the past 175 years for Moon fabrics. Throughout the 1990's, wool faced increased competition from man-made fabric. While many mills tried (and failed) to compete on price, Moon focused on quality and concentrated on the luxury market, taking advantage of the manufacturing control and consistency that only a vertical mill can offer. Our customer list includes major international brands such as Burberry, Paul Smith, and Ralph Lauren. Explore the full range of Moon Wool fabrics from the traditional ranges of Antique and Baronial, to the modern contemporary looks of Boutique and Cosmopolitan, and the ultra cool soft pastel looks of their Moorland Fabrics range. Enjoy the wools on offer or even their Moon Tweed fabrics online at TM Interiors Limited.