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Lizzo Scotland Fabrics

The Scotland collection is a robust offering of non-woven woolen fabric, catering to a broad array of decorative and upholstery needs while boasting flame resistance. Its modern yet timeless style is well-suited for both contemporary furniture and vintage pieces, enhancing any setting with a touch of classic comfort. The color palette spans from dusty tones and warm tans to vivid reds and coppers, contrasted with rich purples, aubergines, and olives, anchored by anthracite greys. This versatile collection can be transformed into bespoke furnishings or made to measure curtains, providing a warm and inviting presence in any interior. Our services ensure that each fabric piece from Scotland resonates with the space's overall aesthetic, supported by design advice that honors the collection's unique character and timeless appeal.

Lizzo Scotland Fabrics
Lizzo Scotland Fabrics
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