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Liberty Art Colours Fabrics

In 1875, Arthur Liberty set the foundation for Liberty Fabrics by opening a store exclusively stocked with coloured, plain silks from the East. The store's early offerings included soft Kashmiri wools, delicate Indian gauzes and lightweight cottons, alongside plain woven and damask silks from China and Japan. With their rich, diverse hues, these fabrics quickly garnered recognition as 'Liberty Art Colours'. The Art Colours Collection of Liberty Fabrics stands as a tribute to the brand's rich legacy and pioneering spirit in colour innovation. The collection spans a contemporary selection of corduroys, lavish cotton velvets, eco-friendly tumbled linens, and exquisite bouclés, all skilfully woven and dyed in Italy and India. Perfectly complementing the colour palettes in Liberty's wallpaper and patterned fabric collections, the Art Colours Collection offers beautifully harmonised aesthetics for any design scheme, reflecting Liberty Fabrics' continued commitment to colour excellence and innovation.

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