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Jim Thompson Halcyon Fabrics
Jim Thompson Halcyon Fabrics is a collection that offers unrivalled versatility in textiles that makes it the go-to collection for the demands of the most luxurious commercial and residential interior projects. An impressive sixteen designs are found within the range in a number of colour options, and the designs consist basically around plains, textures and small geometric patterns with motifs. From the luxurious, but delicate cut velvet design of Halcyon, to Cristal a jacquard weave which is inspired by mirrored motifs found in Thai temple door panels and walls the range has great depth and versatility. Further evidence of which, when you examine other designs like Chase, and Vernon both of which are just as comfortable headlining a conference room or office as making you feel at home in a chic urban boutique hotel. The full range of Jim Thompson fabrics online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.