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Jim Thompson Bonsai Of The Vanities Fabrics
Jim Thompson Bonsai Of The Vanities is for the Spring of 2016 collection, Ou Baholoyodhin has gone back to the Master and sought inspiration from the Jim Thompson archives and the private collection of the Royal Palace which features such designs as Conrad, named after Joseph Conrad who brought the classic Chinese fretwork to the West, and Jim Thompson has reinvigorated the oriental inspiration into a loop-pile velvet. Broderique is an innovative recreation of an 18th Century Chinese embroidery. The pattern is traditional but the colour combination is contemporary and lively. While the toile design of Chaparral displays the illustrations of rural life and are taken from a two hundred year old gold leaf and lacquer cabinet that was discovered deep in the private collection of the Royal Palace. Through a meticulous exploration of these troves has emerged the exquisitely crafted Bonsai of the Vanities Collection.