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Evitavonni The Tour Collection Fabrics
For 2016 Evitavonni introduce The Tour Collection. Travel, journeys, geometric patterns and a Sunday afternoon viewing of the classic films 'Now, Voyager' starring Bette Davis and 'An Affair to Remember' with Cary Grant started the creative process. Whilst maintaining the signature classical glamorous edge, the mood of the Tour Collection slightly shifts to encompass fabrics with a new smart relaxed textured look. The desirable neutral shades extend into a palette inspired by epic journeys, landscapes and sky. The new burnt orange, indigo, sky, jade and olive shades are subtly rendered in textural linens, wools and silks in multi-shaded upholstery and delicate drape fabrics offering a new world of discovery. The Tour Collection marks a departure for the Evitavonni Fabric Collections extending the signatures into exciting new territories of texture and colour.