Evitavonni The Tailor Collection Fabric

Evitavonni The Tailor Collection Fabrics
The Tailor Collection is focused on upholstery fabrics with touches of glamour in the drapery. Named and inspired by the British tradition and craft of bespoke tailoring and upholstery, The Tailor Collection captures the undeniable elegance and presence of a bespoke suit. Bespoke tailoring combines the tradition, heritage, skill, craft and charm and a certain modernity; often the ingredients of the classic and indisputable British elegance. The Tailor collection is immaculate, versatile, modern yet elegant. The upholstery fabrics give the structure, they are the suit; the drapery fabrics adding the final flourishes as would the tie or cufflinks of the quintessentially well-dressed gentleman. The focus on natural and noble fibres continues with tactile and immaculate wools, wool and silk blends and pure linens. Added touches of glamour and polish come in the embroidered and beaded cotton and cotton linens. Soft whites, subtly toned greys, warm and soft golds combine with polished and tarnished silvers evolving the signature neutral palette further still.
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