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Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Fabrics

The Shanghai Garden fabric collection by Designers Guild is a blend of classic Chinese landscape artistry and contemporary design. This collection offers painterly evocations of mountains, rivers, trees, and blossoms, capturing the essence of nature's grandeur. These designs, influenced by ancient calligraphy, are printed on quality linens, cottons, and even a heavyweight silk. The fabrics beautifully portray the Chinese landscape's vastness and the near calligraphic elegance of bamboo and floral patterns. The balance of classical and modern motifs, such as the hanging garden designs with energetic colours, lends a modern touch to your interiors. This collection complements interiors aiming for an oriental-inspired theme. Imagine using the fabric to adorn your windows, where the designs come alive with daylight. Or perhaps, upholstering a statement chair, turning it into a conversation piece. To elevate the beauty of the Shanghai Garden collection, our team offers services such as made to measure roman blinds and bespoke headboards, ensuring a customised touch to your home decor.

Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Fabrics
Designers Guild Shanghai Garden Fabrics
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