Designers Guild Fitzrovia Fabric

Designers Guild Fitzrovia Fabrics are lustrous, geometric velvet weaves more suitable for upholstery needs, but can be used for opulent curtains, cushions and blinds of course. The collection only house four designs but these are a contemporary range of woven geometric velvets with unrivalled lustre. Their Fitzrovia fabric comes available in eleven colour options and as a woven velvet has a striking, offset geometric pattern, and with the addition of subtle metallic threads it makes it more of a statement making upholstery fabric design that can be used perfectly for contemporary interior schemes. Maurier on the other hand has a stunning geometric pattern with a highly complex viscose velvet weave with alternating pile directions that results in a reflective and kaleidoscopic interaction between print and ground. Explore for yourself and discover four unique designs, from dazzling offset geometrics to tailored, trellis inspired patterns and lustrous textural marks for modern upholstery, curtains, cushions and blinds, in the most sensational and captivating colourways.