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Designers Guild Bolsena Fabrics

The Bolsena collection captivates with its range of rugged modern upholstery fabrics that echo depth and character. With textures ranging from a lustrous chequered chenille to linen lookalikes that retain the essence of natural linen, Bolsena is the epitome of style and endurance. Both designs Ledro and Bolsena are available in an exhaustive range of colours from neutral shades through to jewel like tones. Intriguing weave variations make these fabrics a signature choice for Designers Guild essentials. Perfect for an array of settings, from casual lounges to sophisticated living rooms, Bolsena offers both functionality and aesthetics. As always, our additional services include tailored curtains, blinds, upholstery, and expert design insights to enrich your home's interiors.

Designers Guild Bolsena Fabrics
Designers Guild Bolsena Fabrics
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