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Designers Guild Aurelia Fabrics

Wander through the mystical landscapes of the Oriental garden with the Aurelia collection. This range of fabrics, from velvets to shaded linens, encapsulates the serenity and beauty of nature. Whether it's the elegant patterns of the riverside or the moody aura of mountain mists, each design transports you to a tranquil world. Innovative, hard-wearing yet subtle velvets such as Aurelia following the theme of landscape and flora like Jichang, some jacquard woven, some printed and some a combination of the two techniques. Perfect for creating cool, contemporary interiors. Let our team assist you with made-to-measure services and expert design advice, ensuring your spaces resonate with the enchanting allure of the Orient.

Designers Guild Aurelia Fabrics
Designers Guild Aurelia Fabrics
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