Casamance Galliera Fabric

Casamance Galliera Fabrics
Casamance Galliera fabrics are inspired by the greatest names in Haute Couture, and the French fabric brands reveals its creative genius in a collection of structured fabrics, with finely worked voiles, carefully constructed alongside architectural and geometric jacquards. The fabrics are luxurious, sumptuously embroidered. With designs like the Petrouchka fabric which is an extremely beautiful fabric that is totally embroidered recalling the richness of the most magnificent Haute couture creations. Many colours blend together to create daring and unexpected associations and seductive shadings, from coral to grey-blue, from praline to Moon black. However many of the designs have colourations that are both deep and intense, with subtle elegant contrasts. The collection of Casamance fabrics is the heir of French passion and savoir-faire, transforming materials into timeless beauty.
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