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Wallpaper Around Obstacles.

Wallpapering the walls or a room is relatively straightforward, however, that being said, every room has doors and windows that have to be accommodated, and you will also no doubt have to deal with wallpapering around sockets or light switches.

Here are our wallpaper tips, or handy step by step guides to dealing with such obstacles that you may face when when looking for how to wallpaper a room:


Wallpapering Around Sockets And Light Switches

  • Turn off the electricity at the mains.
  • Hang the wallpaper over the switch or socket.
  • Then make diagonal cuts from the centre of the fitting to each of its corners.
  • Tap the excess paper against the edges of the face plate with the brush.
  • Trim off the waste paper, leaving about 6mm (1/4 in) all round.
  • Loosen the face plate and tuck the margin behind, then re-tighten the plate.
  • Don't switch the power back on until the paste is dry.
wallpapering around sockets and light switches
wallpapering around sockets and light switches

Trim off the waste and tuck the paper behind the faceplate.


How To wallpaper Around A Door

When you get to a door in a room, this is how we would advise how to wallpaper around a door:

  1. Hang the length of paper next to a doorframe.
  2. Brush down the butt joint to align the pattern and allowing the other edge to loosely overlap the door.
  3. Make a diagonal cut in the excess towards the top corner of the frame.
  4. Crease the waste down the side of the frame with scissors.
  5. Peel it back and trim off, and then brush back. Leave a 12mm (1/2 in) strip for turning on the top of the frame.
  6. Fill in with short strips above the door, then butt the next full length of paper over the door and cut the excess diagonally into the frame, pasting the rest of the strip down the other side of the door.
  7. Mark and cut off the waste.
how to wallpaper around a door
how to wallpaper around a door

At a door, cut the overlap diagonally into the frame paper the top of the reveal and cut excess, leaving wavy edge


How To Wallpaper Around A Window

Treat a flush window frame in a similar way to a doorframe when wallpapering around windows.

But if the window is set into a reveal:

  • Hang the length of wallcovering next to the window and allow it to overhang the opening.
  • Make a horizontal cut just above the edge of the window reveal.
  • Make a similar cut near the bottom, then fold the paper around to cover the side of the reveal.
  • Crease and trim along the window frame and sill.

Then To fill in the window reveal:

  • First cut a strip of wallcovering to match the width and pattern of the overhang above the reveal.
  • Paste it, slip it under the overhang, and fold it around the top of the reveal (i).
  • Cut through the overlap with a smooth wavy stroke, then remove the excess paper and roll down the joint (2).
  • To continue, hang short lengths on the wall below and above the window, wrapping top lengths into the reveal.

We have guide on where to start wallpapering guide which gives some guidance on where to start wallpapering when using a pattern especially if wallpapering around windows that you may wish to consult if you are looking for how to wallpaper around windows.


How To Wallpaper Around A Fireplace

Wallpapering around a fireplace is similar to hanging wallpaper around a doorframe:

  • Make a diagonal cut in the waste overlapping the fireplace.
  • Cut towards the corner of the mantelshelf.
  • Tuck the wallpaper in all round and crease for trimming to the surround.
  • Trim the wallpaper.

If the surround is fairly ornate:

  • First brush the paper onto the wall above the surround.
  • Trim the paper to fit under the mantel shelf at each side.
  • Brush the paper around the corners of the chimney breast to hold it in place.
  • Gently press the wallcovering into the shape of the fire surround, peel it away, and then cut round the impression with nail scissors.
  • Smooth the paper back down with the brush.
wallpapering behind radiators
wallpapering behind radiators

We have a guide on how to wallpaper a chimney breast which gives more detailed information on how to start the pattern above a fireplace and work around the room.

How to Wallpaper Archways Wallpapering

Archways can be confusing for some here is our short guide:

  • Arrange strips to leave even gaps between the sides of the arch and the next full-length strips.  
  • Hang strips over the face of the arch, cut around the curve leaving an 25mm (1 inch) margin for folding onto the underside (snip into this margin to prevent creasing).
  • Now brush it in place.
  • Fit a strip on the underside to reach from the floor to the top of the arch.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.

How To Wallpaper Around & Behind Radiators

A tricky task to wallpaper around radiator, here is some guidance.

  • Turn off the radiator and allow it to cool, if you are unable to move.
  • Use a steal tape to measure the positions of the fixing the radiator to the wall.
  • Transfer these measurements to a length of wallcovering and slit it from the bottom in the top of the bracket.
  • Feed the pasted paper behind the radiator and down both sides of the brackets.
  • Use a radiator roller to press it to the wall.
  • Crease and trim to the skirting board.
wallpapering behind radiators
wallpapering behind radiators

Cut a slit up to the top of the wall bracket.