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How To Hang Non Woven Wallpaper Video

A how to hang wallpaper video that shows how to hang paste the wall wallpaper, in other words, a how to hang non woven wallpaper video.

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Arte will demonstrate how you can install a non woven wallcovering and a vinyl non woven wall covering in an easy and professional way. It is easy to work with non-woven wall covering because you can apply the adhesive directly to the wall, instead of paste the paper.


How To Hang Paste The Wall Wallpaper

  1. We use roles that are 70 cm wide.
  2. Read the instructions that come with the wallcovering.
  3. Check whether all the rolls have the same product reference and batch code so you can be sure that there will be no colour discrepancies.
  4. Unroll, the wall covering and check whether everything is as it should be.
  5. The wall must be clean before you start, it must be even and smooth.
  6. Decide the point where you are going to start.
  7. Start with the second strip counting from the corner.
  8. Measure the width of the wallcovering and subtract 2 cm in this case it would be 68 cm vertical line at this point.
  9. We are using a spirit level but you can also use a plumb line or laser.
  10. Measure the height of the wall.
  11. Allow a few extra centimetres and cut the necessary strips to length.
  12. Always mark the top edge of the strip.
  13. Strips must be hung in the same direction unless the instructions state otherwise.
  14. Open the adhesive pale and stir well.
  15. Pour the adhesive into the bucket.
  16. Put the ladder and adhesive bucket in position.
  17. Brush the adhesive onto the wall at the top and bottom, right up to the edge.
  18. Use a microfibre roller to paste the walls.
  19. Spread adhesive on both sides a little wider than the strip.
  20. Spread adhesive evenly and sufficiently thickly.
  21. Roll up the strip with the rear surface on the outside.
  22. The marking you drew on the top of the strip is on the outside.
  23. Leave a bit extra the top and bottom position the strip against the vertical line in the adhesive.
  24. Press gently with a spatula and remove any bubbles.
  25. Press the wallcovering well onto the wall at the top and bottom.
  26. Hold the snap off cutter against the spatula and cut off the surplus paper.
  27. Always use a sharp blade, preferably use a new piece of the snap off cutter blade each cut.
  28. Paste the rest of the wall and use the brush again for the corner.
  29. Place the second strip against the first one.
  30. Again, allow a little extra wallcovering at the top and bottom.
  31. Slide the strip until it is hanging just right and then press well with a spatula.
  32. Press the seam between the two strips with a seam roller.
  33. Cut off a surplus piece in the corner against the floor and the ceiling.
  34. If you're working with washable wallcovering, rub each strip completely clean with a sponge using clean water.
  35. In the meantime, also clean the ceiling and the skirting boards.
  36. Continue pasting the wall for the third strip, and place the strip into the adhesive.
  37. After three strips check whether the result is good.
  38. Continue until the whole wall is covered and deal with the next corner in the same way as the first one.
  39. Draw a vertical line on the other side of the corner.
  40. Cover this wall in the same way.
  41. You can now finish the whole room in the same way.

While this information does deal with how to hang wallpaper it is important to note that a non-woven wallcovering is manufactured in such a way that the paste the wall wallpaper method should be used, and not the traditional paste the paper for paper backed wallpapers.

For further information on how to apply paste to wallpaper please see our step by step guide titled Guide On Pasting Wallcoverings. 
TM Interiors would always recommend you seek the advice of a professional decorator or the person hanging the wallpaper, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise from following these guides or info on our website.

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