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How To Hang Half Drop Repeat Wallpaper Video

In this how to hang wallpaper video from Arte Wallcoverings this deals with how to hang wallpaper with a half drop repeat, or half drop match.

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In this video Arte will show you how to install wallcovering with a half drop match. Wallcovering with a half drop match has a repeated pattern but when several drops are hung next to each other the place where the pattern meets shifts each time.

The half drop match is recognised by a symbol on the label:

Half Drop Match Wallpaper Symbol
Half Drop Match Wallpaper Symbol

The first number shown below the symbol indicates the height of the pattern in this case it's 64 cm.

How To Hang Half Drop Match Wallpaper
How To Hang Half Drop Match Wallpaper


The second number in this case 32 cm indicates how much the pattern shifts.

How To Hang Half Drop Repeat Wallpaper
How To Hang Half Drop Repeat Wallpaper

This is clarified in the video. 

How To Hang Half Drop Match Wallpaper

  1. Roll-out the wallcovering.
  2. Now you see the repeating pattern with a height that showed on the label, here that is 64 cm.
  3. Measure off the first drop add about five extra centimetres at the top and bottom, and take into consideration how you want the pattern to be shown on the wall.
  4. Cut off the first drop.
  5. Put this drop aside.
  6. Roll-out a second drop next to it and put it in such a way that the pattern matches.
  7. Make sure that the second drop has at least the same length as the first drop.
  8. Cut off this second drop, on the second drop the pattern is shifted relative to the first one, the height of the shift corresponds to the second number on the label in this case that's 32 cm.
  9. Roll-out the third drop so it's exactly the same, as the first drop and cut it off.
  10. Roll out the fourth drop so it's exactly the same, as the second drop and continue in the same way.
  11. The even drops will all be exactly the same, but also the uneven drops will also be the same.
  12. Number the drops on the back at the top.
  13. Also number the position of the drops on the wall.
  14. Now you are ready to install the wallcovering.
  15. Make sure that the numbers on the drops correspond to the numbers on the wall.
  16. Since the best method for hanging wallcovering depends on the kind of wallcovering you use we refer to other instruction videos for more information.
  17. Make sure that the pattern of each drop matches nicely with the pattern on the previous drop.
  18. In the installation instruction film you will also see how to remove the excess pieces of the top and bottom.
  19. When you're finished you will see that the pattern shifts on each drop.

If you are looking for information on wallpaper with a straight match then here is link for how to hang straight match wallpaper, and the below link for Wallpaper Guide will bring you alot more instructional videos and guides for how to hang wallpapers.
TM Interiors would always recommend you seek the advice of a professional decorator or the person hanging the wallpaper, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise from following these guides or info on our website.

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