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Casamance Place Vendome Wallpaper range is designed with luxury in mind. A total of six designs available in a range of colours the range was inspired by a Place Vendome in Paris which was originally a grandiose setting that would embody absolute power, just like the Palais Royal and the Opera designs, in the very heart of the city. However, it gradually became a showcase for luxury goods rather than political power so the Eminance was changed to Elegant, and eventually the world's great jewellery brands have turned Place Vendome and the adjoining Rue de la Paix into one continuous stream of window displays filled with sparkling diamonds, rubies and emeralds. This Casamance wallpaper collection attempts to capture all of this within their range if you look at the designs mentioned, and others like Allegorie and Quintessence. A great collection that will add some essence to your interiors whichever design you decide to choose.