Borastapeter Jubileum Wallpaper

This is a collection that features Borastapeter most popular patterns since 1905 until today. Inspired by the national romanticism from the turn of the 19th century, the colourful optimism of the 1950s and the warm, vivid patterns that were thrown in for free in the 1980s when the French wave swept across Sweden. The Flora Wallpaper design was created for those who are constantly longing for the season when everything starts to blossom again created in the 1950s which witnessed an unrestrained interest in nature's most beautiful creations among designers throughout the country of Sweden and this floral design was born. Lilja was designed around a time period when industrialism flourished, during the turn of the 19th century, and when artists decided it was time for a revolution. The style that became as Jugend, Art Nouveau of more commonly known as Art Deco as if you look at the pattern you will find every characteristic of a true revolutionary romantic: sweeping unending lines, rhythmically repeated flowers and abstract background lines in total harmony with Jugendstyle painted stems. It's the defined contours of the flower's petals that tell the story of the Magnolia wallpaper design, and the detail proves that this wallpaper is an interpretation of the 19th century Japanese tinted woodcuts. The geometrical backdrop is also Japanese, found in patterns on Yukata's classic everyday costumes. Just like the stems of the plants, drawn according to eastern tradition with its stylized form. We invite you to browse through their greatest wallpapers of all time, gently brought out from their vast archives and updated in new, modern shades and colours that fit in with your life here and now. Buy the full range of Borastapeter Jubileum Wallpapers online at TM Interiors.
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