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BN International was founded in 1926. In the 1990s its focus shifted to, among other things, wallpaper and the brand BN Walls was launched. BN Walls designs and manufactures a broad range of wallpaper types for clients all over the world. Their products help clients to create the perfect ambience in any hospital, hotel, office or home. Wallpaper that ideally matches the room’s function and projects the right ambience. This is a special process that they like to share with their clients. Experience has shown that it always begins with the same basic aim: Imagine what your wall can be. It all begins with craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. And we have all of these qualities in abundance. Having their own factory means that we have control over the production process and know exactly how it works. That’s necessary for ensuring that our products always meet the highest quality standards. We’re no stranger to techniques like gravure, embossing and screen printing. In fact, we’re specialists in these techniques and many others too. Design and R&D play a prominent role at BN Walls. We have our own studio and R&D department, enabling them to combine the creativity of designers with the expertise and innovation of our R&D professionals. And this combination has certainly borne fruit. We regularly introduce innovative new collections and collaborate with leading names such as Marcel Wanders, Viktor&Rolf, the Van Gogh Museum and Rivièra Maison. The range consists of products made from a variety of materials, such as textile and non-woven, and products in a variety of price categories. They operate in both the contract and residential markets for a diverse range of target groups, ranging from consumers to professionals, such as architects and interior designers. Clients can choose from no less than 3,000 different designs. We also offer a variety of safety and sustainability options. A large portion of our range is fire-resistant, IMO-certified, bio-proof and REACH compliant. Like our products, our service also meets the very highest standards, and they are often working together to develop a new design or to manufacture a design to perfection, as they will always offer a custom-made solution.