Arte Rhapsody Wallpaper

Arte Rhapsody wallpaper collection has delicate fine ornaments and patterns based on the shiny copper and elegant curves of instruments to create a stunning collection of elegant non-woven wallcovering with metallic prints, the collection is beautifully orchestrated.

It has plain wallcoverings and for the solid coloured wallcoverings you can choose from two prints: a finely woven fabric print called Solo and a coarser fabric print called Note. Their Tempo wallpaper provides rhythm and regularity. However with the actual patterns in the collection you can choose from a fine, modern damask motif Arco wallpaper with unusual contrasting colours and shiny contours or a larger print, or their Opus wallpaper, which calls up associations with the luxury of oriental carpets. They are all very harmonious. The grand finale in this collection is Rondo. A musical climax with radiance and lustre. The base is sober and rather dark, but it is covered with droplets of liquid gold or silver. At least, that’s what it looks like. The impressive drawing is composed of numerous whimsical, round spots of liquid metallic lustre.

The sublime combination of colour and lustre in this collection provide a special result on the wall. The colour chords vary from natural colours to fresh tints. For each wallcovering with a pattern, several solid variants are suggested. It is perfectly possible to select a unique arrangement for every project. Buy the full range of Arte Rhapsody wallpapers online. Please note the portrayed colours may differ from reality so ordering samples is generally recommended. Suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.
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