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Matthew Williamson Belvoir Fabrics features signature colours from Matthew’s highly individual palette include aquamarine, azure blue, turquoise, coral and jade combined with quieter tones of ivory, pearl and silver. The patterns and designs are fantastic take for example his Peony Scroll Fabric where scrolling leaves with bold coral and pink peonies depicted in jewel-coloured viscose yarns are placed on contrasting teal linen ground for maximum effect, and then vibrant dahlias and peonies set on a contrasting plain damask ground can also be found on the Duchess Garden Fabric design for something again quite special. We also love the Water Lily Fabric where his stylized romantic evocation of a decorative pond which has water lilies and ornamental carp adorned for good measure. Buy the full range of Matthew Williamson Belvoir collection of fabrics online at TM Interiors Limited, and explore the Belvoir Wallpapers which provide co-ordinating and companion designs to these fabric designs.