Tarazona FDG2919-44 Fabric

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Collection: Tarazona Fabrics
A sophisticated and stylish velvety weave taking inspiration from our bestselling Manipur decorative velvet. Created with our unique easy-clean technology and with a tumbled finish, this perfect hardwearing plain is also washable. Available in a wide and versatile colour palette for elegant yet practical upholstery, curtaining and all other interior applications.
Tarazona FDG2919-44 Smoke by Designers Guild fabric


  • Tarazona FDG2919-01
  • Tarazona FDG2919-02
  • Tarazona FDG2919-03
  • Tarazona FDG2919-04
  • Tarazona FDG2919-05
  • Tarazona FDG2919-06
  • Tarazona FDG2919-07
  • Tarazona FDG2919-08
  • Tarazona FDG2919-09
  • Tarazona FDG2919-10
  • Tarazona FDG2919-11
  • Tarazona FDG2919-12