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Textured wall-coverings are now all the rage, and you can find them in most of the designer wallpaper brands around today. Of course, no longer just confound in collections from the luxury wallpaper manufacturers from the likes of Elitis wall-coverings and Thibaut which feature dynamic collection of grasses, raffia and paper weaves. TM Interiors Limited selection has a number vibrant collection including grasscloths with printed geometric shapes, as well as colourful sisals and mylar papers with high-gloss metallic finishes. The striking textures of these wall-coverings add depth and dimension, while warm and freshly coloured grounds naturally coordinate with other patterns. The UK market has seen an explosion in vinyl textured wall-coverings, also be sure to check out other brands like Arte Wallpaper as well and the Anthology wallpaper, and Romo Black Wallpaper ranges recently launched. Choose from Vinyl Wallpaper, Cork, Grasscloth, Paperweave, Non-Woven and Metallic from the leading specialist luxury wallpaper manufacturers.

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