Zoffany Woodville Papers

Zoffany Woodville Papers Wallpapers

The Woodville Wallpaper collection by Zoffany features stunning floral wallpaper and exhibits the painterly talents of modern artists who worked alongside the Zoffany design studio. This collection is put together specifically to work with the Woodville fabric collection, but don't let that stop you using this designer wallpaper, with any other of Zoffany fabric ranges. Even though this Zoffany wallpaper collection pursues conventional customs, it gets its modern edge by adopting contemporary print techniques. The collection features a number of floral wallpapers, admire the large brightly coloured floral wallpaper of Phoebe compared with the subdued look of Beauchamp. The two other floral designs which feature trees also are Woodville, which features scrolling branches and birds on wallpaper, and Chintz wallpaper. Romey's Garden, and Nostell Priory, feature further dense scrolling leaves and a geometric wallpaper design is represented by Veranda Trellis. Jasmine Lattice is the final patterned wallpaper in the collection but the Woodville Plain wallpaper available in seven colours rounds of the collection nicely and allows you to use one of the seven designs as a feature wallpaper, while perhaps using a plain on the rest of the walls. Great colour tones on this luxury wallpaper to create a classic but contemporary touch wherever required and which work perfectly with their Zoffany rugs range.