Zoffany Tespi Wallpapers

Zoffany released the Tespi Wallpaper collection in 2013 from luxurious yet modern designer fabrics evoking the splendour of olden Venice and charisma of Umbria. Designs based on traditional velvets, damasks, paisleys, and brocades seen in Zoffany archive are modified using modern methods like digital printing and foil printing to give them a modern touch without altering their originality. Admire the digital print of the Gondolier Wallpaper a potential statement wallpaper with romantic scenes of Venice. Rialto and Rialto Stripe, both available in a few colours were created using foil on gravure to interesting effect. Tadema is a beautiful floral wallpaper that has an interesting textural effect, an Oreste is a Paisley wallpaper surflex printed on non-woven paper available in seven designs. Last from the collection is Zais a geometric wallpaper with a triangular design printed on gold metallic ground to create a textural coloured look similar to the fabric. These designer wallpapers are harmonized by the plus Tespi weaves, embroideries and prints from Zoffany and your room can be harmonized further by adding one of their zoffany rugs to your floor.

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