Zoffany Cascade Vinyl Wallpaper

Cascade Vinyl Wallpapers feature three designs in an extended colour palette, and are inspired by natural, organic forms. Cascade is an undulating textural ribbon effect, with an in-line emboss to enhance the three-dimensional effect again with many colour choices. Arbour has like a subtle bark textured wallpaper that is available in a number of colour options. The tree bark effect is printed and then enhanced by embossing a textural version of the print over the top. Finally, Ribbon Coral goes underwater for inspiration as this fine organic coral design with subtle highlight and lowlight effects for great effect is complemented by Ribbon Coral Sheer in the Cassia Weaves collection. The Casacade Vinyl wallpaper range continues the success of Zoffany's recent textured vinyl wallcovering ranges. Further pushing innovation, these patterns are printed on paste the wall wallpaper bases, allowing for heavier embosses and combined with metallic inks to create great relief and reflective plays of light. Buy the full range of Zoffany wallpapers online at TM Interiors Limited.

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