Scion Melinki Wallpapers

Melinki's exciting range of wallpapers offers a contemporary alternative to paint as well as making a confident style statement. The non-woven papers are responsibly manufactured in the UK and printed using ethically sourced raw materials on paper from sustainable European forests. The stylish Dragonfly Wallpaper is a dramatic statement design of a painterly dragonfly with a simple sketched body and fragile wings, while Athyrium is a printed paper depicting layered fern leaves and fronds with delicate layered stems. Please view also the Flight design, a nod to retro depicting silhouetted birds in flight, soaring through a cloudless summer sky. You could check also the Tree Circles pattern, reminiscent of a cross-section of a tree trunk exposing the natural ring pattern of the wood. Consider the total collection of Scion Melinki Wallpapers available to buy for your home interiors.

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