Sanderson Wallpaper Voyage Of Discovery Collection

Sanderson Voyage of Discovery wallpaper collection pays homage to our pioneering ancestors, from the natural historians of the 17th century who beautifully illustrated their scientific discoveries, to the leisure traveller of the later Victorian era who collected memoires of their journeys with which to decorate their homes. Inspiration comes through the Caribbean and South America, an exploration of the exotic colours found naturally in the flora and fauna of the southern hemisphere. It is impossible not to fall in love with these lovely, bright wallcoverings. Take for example the Clementine wallpaper, a tropical trail that evokes the feeling of the Amazonian jungle with humming birds and exotic flora or the Cocos design, that is available in monochromatic colourways and two versions reminiscent of old sepia hand-tinted photographs. Christabel pattern is a versatile floral trail in the style for which Sanderson is renowned, while Picture Gallery Wallpaper presents botanically drawn organic forms of corals shells birds and feathers that are presented as framed souvenirs. A complementary Voyage of Discovery Fabrics range is also available. Explore the entire collection of Sanderson Voyage of Discovery Wallcoverings online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.