Sanderson Wallpaper Sojourn Collection

The Sojourn Wallpaper collection from Sanderson looks to the recent decorating trend of mixing bold patterns on the wall with plain textures, patterns and colour in other areas of the room. They have been produced using screen printing methods, which give the papers a hand-printed feel. Please take a look at the stunning Jamila Wallpaper which is based on a classic paisley motif, and follows the recent decorating trend of mixing bold patterns on the wall with plain textures. Or you could explore the Poppy Damask Wallpaper, an informal damask of abstracted plants and flowers inspired by a 17th-century hand painted resist dyed Indian chintz. Surin Wallpaper takes its inspiration from a divine silk warp printed ikat from the archive. This medium scale non-uniform ogee pattern has a tribal hand-crafted feel. The monotone colourings of this strong pattern mean that it can sit with other colour combinations and patterns within a room, either contemporary or classic. Zagora Wallpaper is a textural zigzag motif inspired by kilims. Kilims have been produced by nomads and villagers throughout the Middle East and Central Asia for centuries. The patterns enhanced every important aspect of daily life and were genuine expressions of tribal culture. These Sanderson Wallpapers are all printed on paste the wall paper and are manufactured in the UK. The Sojourn Prints & Embroideries, Sojourn Weaves, Boho Velvets and Byron Wool Plains collections are available to complement the offer which of course are all online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.