Sanderson Bloomsbury Canvas Wallpapers

The Bloomsbury Canvas Wallpaper collection from Sanderson, is inspired by the hugely creative output of the artists, poets and designers of the 1930s, especially those associated with the Bloomsbury Group and the Omega Workshop. The charm of the collection reflects the eclectic nature of influences ranging from Post-Impressionist paintings, to the interior decoration and ceramics in houses such as Charleston Farmhouse, the beautifully preserved home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, both of whom were key personalities within the Bloomsbury Group. The design of Clarice Wallpaper, inspired by the ceramic patterns of the Omega Workshops and the hand decorated plates which adorn the walls at Charleston Farmhouse, has been printed by surface machine with emulsion type inks to give a hand-painted look to the paper. These wallcoverings are perfect for dining rooms and kitchens. The Zigzag pattern is adapted from a 1930's fabric found in the Sanderson archive. It was repainted onto plaster to imitate the fresco technique often used by the Bloomsbury artists to decorate their homes and shows the distinctive tonal effects created by this form of decoration. If you prefer floral design you could take a look at the marvellous Ottoline Wallpaper, whose pattern was inspired by the abundant flowers in the garden at Charleston Farmhouse. Part of the Canvas collection is also the Omega Cats Wallpaper, adapted from a 1930s textile by Swedish designer Victor Lindstrand. The silhouetted shapes of cats create a striking and witty wallpaper design for cat lovers everywhere. Use it to create a stunning statement wall. Available to buy online alongside the complementary Bloomsbury Canvas Fabrics at TM Interiors Limited.