Romo Japura Wallcoverings

Romo Japura Wallpapers

Romo Japura Wallpapers is a collection that has been a long time coming and is set to evoke tropical senses a blaze with scenes and exotic foliage all over the seven designs with each design getting enriched by considered intonations of lustrous metallics, adding charming effects to the quality of the design. The self-titled Japura is a charmingly decorative wallcovering infused with an abundance of colour, this stylish design is inspired by the vibrancy of the tropics, and a perfect addition for anyone seeking tropical wallcoverings, as exotic scenes of palm trees and lush foliage create a wonderfully decorative wallcovering. Their Areca Wallcovering takes things a bit more back to basics where dense palm fronds create an exotic scene but the fact it is infused with glistening metallics creates added visual depth to this lush design that is available in a broad palette that ranges from useable neutrals to jewel tones, one for your walls! Pacaya is another standout wallpaper design a characterful palmetto design is formed by a striking arrangement of intricately detailed leaves, available in rich, colourful shades and also a range of neutral tones depending on your preference, and with a delicately textured appearance, a beautiful wallcovering is created. Sumba is an eye-catching display of exotic bamboo, with painterly textures that houses flashes of sophisticated metallic with its design. So from tropical leaf designs to more subtle bark and textured wallcoverings Romo Japura Wallcoverings explore the tropical them with a stunning mix of pearl, matte and metallic finishes creating an abundance of texture and dimension, most definitely worth a view.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.