Romo Black Mizumi Wallpapers

Romo Black Edition Mizumi Wallpapers

Romo Black Mizumi Wallpapers have been thought out through a harmonious collaboration with Japanese artist Katsutoshi Yuasa, and they have both embarked on an exploration of time-honoured Japanese printmaking practises where traditional and contemporary techniques intertwine. As beautiful up close as from a distance, Katsutoshi Yuasa's artwork is reimagined in this unique Romo Black wallcovering collection that embraces oriental design and ancient craft in a contemporary and elegant way. Seven designs make up the collection where Mizumi is a large scale interpretation of the Japanese artists original woodblock print that depicts a breath-taking landscape scene, and the continual pictorial panorama offers a dramatic wallpaper panel to create a statement wallcovering where used. The design of Katsura suggests an abstract view of a cluster of tree branches set against an endless sky, and the pattern was derived from Katsutoshi Yuasa's original artwork and transformed in scale to create this enchanting design which is further enhanced by a subtle pearlescent ground and textural emboss. Utsuro has a fine linear texture and velvet like touch and features an abstract treescape inspired created out of a luxuriously tactile flock wallcovering. The Romo Black Edition Mizumi Wallcoverings are all offered in a sensuous colour palette and a captivating mix of embossed textures, sumptuous flocks and lustrous backgrounds, to metallic that effects glimmer alongside deep shades of inky blue and teal and earthy neutrals, that will help create a dramatic home interior setting where used.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.