Romo Black Edition Iroko Wallcoverings

Romo Black Iroko Wallcoverings

A sophisticated palette of rich, metallic tones further enhance the allure of these designs produced by Romo Black. It is a collection of stunning, luxury vinyl wallcoverings in an array of innovative designs all with a unique embossed finish that add depth and movement to the intricate designs, giving an enticing tactile quality. Intriguing, deconstructed designs add a contemporary twist to classic damasks like Papiro, a deconstructed inky watercolour damask is printed on luxury vinyl wallcovering, with a beautiful embossed finish. Iroko is another textured wallcovering again printed on luxury vinyl and embossed to create a wonderfully tactile finish it also features an innovative abstract damask. The collection also has given dimension to intricate mosaics like Perla which has delicate, overlapping tiles that form a layered design with a beautiful textured effect and a subtle embossed finish that will bring most rooms to life, or create interesting backdrops for your home interior. All six designs from Romo Black Edition Iroko Wallcoverings designed for high end interiors.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.