Omexco Brocades Wallpaper

The Omexco Brocades Wallcoverings refer to Brocades which are richly decorated woven fabrics (broccato, meaning embossed cloth), often made in coloured silks and adorned with gold or silver threads. Omexco Brocades Wallpaper designs have an appearance almost as if they have been embroidered on the silky rayon yarns, but that is a luxurious illusion as they are printed, sometimes with, sometimes without metallic foil. The printing technique, and the delicate yarns (which are partly matt, partly shiny) create a subtle textile/weaving effect. Four select designs, distributed by Brian Yates in the UK, feature classic designs (damasks, stripes, flowers) which alternate with a geometric art deco design, and a timeless semi-plain. All colours are elegant and sophisticated that enhance this luxury wallpaper range. Buy the full range of Omexco Wallpapers online, with necessary adhesive at TM Interiors Limited.
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