Harlequin Palmetto Wallpapers

Harlequin Palmetto Wallpapers Collection

Harlequin Palmetto wallpaper range is an alluring collection of papers, which has been inspired by early morning strolls through dewy woods and twilight walks around a dusky, scented garden. The collection captures elements of jazz age glamour, 1920s luxe and the botanical fervour of the 19th century orchid hunters, as well as keying into the current trend towards organic silhouettes, offset against sultry backgrounds for maximum impact. This stunning range from Harlequin, of eight wallcoverings, which is augmented by an evocative metallic texture, includes depictions of an elegant crane in flight offset against stylised clouds, etched blooms, leaves, feathers and a linear trail. The Amborella Wallpaper is a botanical vintage design featuring delicate butterflies, etched pinecones and exotic pompom-head flowers set against a range of metallic, textured-effect grounds. While Cranes In Flight Wallpaper presents an elegant crane on a stylised cloud background, heightened by its unusual colour combinations. Demoiselle is another beautiful paper of Palmetto collection that features highly graphic motif showing placed dragonflies set against either an iridescent or a chalky matt ground. Please also consider their extravagant Operetta, an ostrich feather set against a metallic textured ground. Discover Harlequin Palmetto Wallpapers online and available to buy.