Harlequin Leonida Wallpapers

Harlequin Leonida Wallpapers Collection

Harlequin Leonida wallpapers evoke a spirit of faded grandeur and distressed opulence, and is a truly breathtaking collection. The Harlequin brand has sourced vintage pieces and flea market finds and translated them onto a stunning range of alluring wallpapers. Leonida is the epitome of decadent excess and nostalgic elegance, yet with a very modern-day edge and sleek contemporary appeal. Harlequin wallpapers have used an interesting combination of innovative techniques and textures throughout the collection, to create this range of stunning, diverse and indisputably chic wallpapers. A favoured pattern from the range is their Harlequin Florentine Wallpaper which is a dramatic oversized ogee enhanced by judicious beading and metallic inks which lend it an almost 3D appearance. Another popular design from the collection is the Harlequin Demi Wallpaper which has a classic but simple medium-scale scalloped motif with a small densely beaded medallion in the centre.
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