GP&J Baker Crayford Wallpapers

The Crayford Wallpaper by GP & J Baker explores the wonderfully diverse treasures of their archives to provide fresh inspiration for this exceptional collection. Unique historical documents have been given a fresh interpretation which has resulted in a splendid array of papers in widely differing scales. From the impressive large scale design of their Nympheus Wallpaper featuring overblown waterlilies and Herons, with the heron bird also again appearing on the Herons Wallpaper. A nice small fern leaf design is included by way of Shadow Fern and some eastern influence visible with their Eastern Pine design. These wallpapers are not freshly interpreted but combined with a new palette it continues to add to its rich narrative, with the introduction of a strong yellow and handsome mid-indigo, whilst patinated tones and raised textures suggest the charm of antique of hand blocking. Buy the full range of GP and J Baker Crayford wallpapers online at TM Interiors Limited.