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Elitis Samarcande wallpaper range, under the reflections of metal and shards of glass, walls resonate with the pounding of a mallet, heat generated from an oven, from the artist's hand who shapes and hammers metal plates, cuts and abrades glass and ceramics. Samarcande engraves on wallpaper made of foil and embossed vinyl, a colourful shimmer with incomparable vividness. The design of Happy shares its photo and image bank in a multicolour kaleidoscope, a fuzzy recollection which is a panoramic composed of 4 strips of 3m x 70 cm, as like the design of Spiritu also found in the collection. The designs of Mayana and Khan are sold in 10m rolls by 70cm wide. Please always refer to the Elitis wallpaper hanging instructions included with each roll.