Christian Lacroix L'odyssee Wallpapers

Christian Lacroix L'odyssee Wallpapers are inspired by the escapist feeling of flight and fantasy, and celebrates the wonder of adventure. The collection houses four highly detailed wallpapers, digitally printed on luxurious, non-woven and vinyl grounds. Trailing flowers, panoramic scenes and mesmerising feathers infuse the useable collection, perfectly capturing the spirit of discovery. Oiseau Fleur is a non-woven backed vinyl wallpaper panel features a stunning botanical scene in a grand scale with exquisite detail, celebrating the flamboyant essence of the brand and unique combinations of colour are enhanced as digitally printed as a complete wallpaper panel. Prete Moi Ta Plume is another detailed wallpaper design depicting highly ornate bird feathers, arranged in a swirling formation to create a mesmerising pattern available in three colourways. Explore these diverse Christian Lacroix wallpaper designs available to buy online at TM Interiors Limited.