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Casamance Manado Wallpapers

The Manado Wallcoverings collection by Casamance is a harmonious amalgamation of tradition and exquisite perfection, showcasing the artisan’s finesse on a canvas of rich, natural textures. This collection is a reverent nod to craftsmanship, displaying modesty and precision, beautifully embedded in precious blends of material. It features intense, vibrant colors and expansive formats, meticulously highlighted by metallic hues of copper and silver, rendering subtle interplays of matte and glossy finishes. The designs Pao, Maoli, and Bacove exhibit a unique blend of banana bark and crumpled paper on a non-woven base, reflecting a truly artisanal essence. Every piece in this collection reverberates with the lush, colorful, and exotic richness that marked the inaugural 2017 collections of Casamance, vividly mimicking forms and colors. This collection is an embodiment of artisanal elegance and exotic allure, bringing a slice of the vibrant and rich tapestry of the world to your interiors, suitable for those seeking to infuse their spaces with refined and distinctive character. Explore and purchase the full range of Manado Wallpapers by Casamance online.

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