Arte Focus Wallpaper

Within Arte Focus Wallpaper range they explore the visual illusion in art, Trompe-l'oeil, where these designer wallpapers trick the eye into perceiving them as a three-dimensional object. In the relief patterns, dynamic geometric figures and playful reflection of light it is all made possible. These intriguing wallcoverings feature seven designs in total four monotone and three multi-coloured patterns. The consistent theme of the collection is the relief print, which gives all the patterns an sophisticated appearance. The areas with relief lines have been printed in several directions which in combination with how the light strikes the paper, this results in a spectacular end finish. Facet is a surprising paper pattern with irregular polygons which gives the illusion of relief and fits in perfectly with any interior scheme. Pyramid plays with sleek, geometric pyramid shapes that through its use of various colours, creates the illusion of depth. The design is also available in a monochrome finish, such as the monotone pattern Squared. Arte can provide a playful and stylish interpretation of tribal designs with the Arrow and Symbol pattern designs. The parallel and pointed converging lines do more than just create a relief effect, they also create an exotic feel. The design is available in a multi-coloured pattern Arrow and a monochrome alternative Symbol. The Polygon wallpaper, is a design with squares, which are subdivided in several colour areas. In this pattern the parallel lines again run in several directions, creating the feeling of depth. The monochrome alternative, Trapezium, fits in perfectly with any interior due to its simplicity. All patterns have a non-woven backing with a slightly shining vinyl top layer, a combination that shows off the relief effect to maximum effect. Buy the full range of Arte Focus Wallcoverings online at TM Interiors Limited.
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