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Arte Boracay Wallpapers

The Boracay collection integrates the allure of nature with luxury design. Woven with utmost care from banana leaves and water hyacinth, these wallpapers provide an exceptionally decorative and valuable addition to your space, suited to a tropical or organic nature inspired design theme.

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Arte Boracay Wallpapers are a unique, stunning collection of wallcoverings, produced from water hyacinth and woven banana leaves. The plant material was bonded to a non-woven backing with the utmost care and attention and then woven and dyed. The result is a valuable and exceptionally decorative natural product that loves to be handled with care.

The choice of materials is key in this collection, but yet there are also a few variations on the theme. The first design is called their Fuga Wallpaper and displays the pure texture of dried water hyacinth. The strips are affixed to each other on the backing. No two pieces are the same, highlighting the pure and authentic nature of this natural product. The second variant, the Mindoro Wallpaper design, strips of water hyacinth were glued underneath each other, which leaves blank strips at more or less regular intervals. The bare strips acquire a slightly different tone from the plant material as a result of the different structures. This produces a horizontal striped effect. For Calayan, the third variant, varnished banana leaves were interwoven with nylon thread, which produces a kind of waffle effect. The varnish provides a beautiful sheen. The various tones toy with the intensity of colour.

Arte Boracay Wallpapers are exclusive hand-made wallcoverings, made from natural plant fibres, such as water hyacinth leaves and banana leaves, in combination with hand-woven abaca-fibres, on non-woven backing. Sold by the meter these luxury wallcoverings are suitable for both domestic and commercial installations, but please note Boracay is a natural product, to be handled with care. As this product is 100% handmade, differences in pattern and colour are to be accepted. The portrayed colours may differ from reality and ordering samples is generally recommended. Buy all of Arte Wallpaper online at TM Interiors Limited.