Arte Artisan Wallpaper

The latest Arte Artisan wallpaper range is full of textured wallcoverings that are made of pure, natural materials, from minerals and grasses to tropical plants. Six designs make up the collection that explores traditional craftsmanship to create high end wallcoverings. If your looking for a glitter wallcovering of good quality Fraction maybe for you, made of minerals, or mica flakes which are hand-dyed and then inlaid into a repetitive pattern. The resulting design is a trend lead modern interpretation of the colourful, classic terrazzo floors. Everyone is searching for a bit of shimmer in their wallcoverings of late, and the Shimmer wallpaper from Arte again takes mica flakes and works some magic to create a distinctive look that is very fine, gently glistening mosaic. Fringe is an authentic double weave jute natural wallcovering where the jute strips are first dyed and then woven. This fabric is glued onto a shiny metal foil or a matt base, and then it is all cut into strips again to create this special paper. The tropical plant mentioned earlier is where the Twill design gets its form from, as the basic material for this wallcovering is the tropical plant Pandan. The design is inspired by braiding within fashion and the technique and construction of the wallcovering is where the fibres of the plant are interwoven by hand, and then braiding is cut diagonally into strips. Other designs included are Drift, Bandeau and Fringe. Arte Artisan Wallcoverings, as the name suggests are an ode to high-quality, traditional craftsmanship which in turn create beautiful, unique papers that Arte International are renowned for.
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