Arte Amazon 2 Wallpaper

Arte Walllpaper are always on the look out for inspiration for their collections and The Amazon rainforest is home to a myriad of amazing colours and unique textures. Consider, for example, the feathers of the macaw, the brightly coloured beak of the toucan or the fragile wings of tropical butterflies. They have been here before Six years ago, this rainforest was the inspiration of their Arte Amazone Wallpaper collection. Now, it is being followed up with the brand-new collection Arte Amazone 2 Wallcoverings.

The basis for these wallcoverings is a pleated fabric. Thanks to the pleats, different lighting conditions change the appearance: an effect that is directly based on the iridescent wings of the most beautiful butterflies and the exotic colour shading of parrot feathers. This collection encompasses 2 plains which, thanks to the differing pleating techniques, each have their own, individual appearance. In addition, there are 3 eye-catching, flocked patterns like Lace and Maze, and one embossed design in the form of their Triade wallpaper. This makes a total of 6 designs, each of which bring a little potential rainforest magic into your home interior.

Arte Amazone 2 wallpaper collection takes the textures and colours indigenous to the Amazon rainforest as inspiration. The iridescent effects on a butterfly's wings, the magnificent plumage of the toucan are combined onto the finest materials with technical expertise to produce a stunning collection. A collection that contains exclusive textile wallcovering with velvet and embossed patterns on non-woven backing. If you wish to buy Arte wallpaper online then please do so at TM Interiors Limited where you can find all their ranges alongside this, Amazone 2.
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