Anna French Small Scale Wallpaper

Anna French Small Scale Wallpapers features an array of nimble shapes and figures. Look closely at the wallcoverings in Small Scale by Anna French and you'll find lively coloured patterns sprinkled with visual interest. From smart trellis designs to bold and contemporary geometrics, and petite scalloped shapes with art deco flair to quirky small scale dog wallpaper all on offer in this diverse collection. Arlen Trellis is a mesmerizing all-over geometric pattern that's interesting and bold but not overpowering. While Bridle is an abstract geometric trellis pattern that is oriental in nature, with perfectly balanced and flowing lines. Legrelle is a very cool designer wallpaper with classic geometric shapes that are laid out with expertly judged space, and an innovative printing technique which is used on 4 colourways with tiny, glistening beads, and a further 2 colourways are printed on a soft, natural cork for dramatic effect it stands out. Cashiers Wallpaper is also a fanciable pattern with mountainous shapes printed on a vertical paper weave, a rather contemporary geometric textured wallpaper. Spencer is also charming as the name suggests it has a sweet modern, retro almost art deco feel to it the pattern is repeating petite scalloped shapes. Baxter is quirky and slightly retro in feel due to the repeated nature it is bound to be popular among dog lovers, and this dog wallpaper features the silhouettes of man's best friend, nice. There is more to explore and although petite in size, these designs create a sense of evenness while providing a sophisticated and graphic impression that won't overwhelm.

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