Anna French Lyric Wallpaper

Anna French Lyric wallpaper collection, simply put takes inspiration from the music she listens to while working on these designs, and designs from her past Aria collection. Long-time Anna French fans will immediately recognize the Japonica Wallpaper design, a timeless, fantastic floral wallpaper, classy and dauntless just like the lady herself, graceful sweeps of hand-painted blooms remastered. Francis seems both vintage and modern with its chevron wallpaper trellis design uniting the varied stamped motifs in everything from neutral to bold royal violet, this fantastic designer wallpaper gets the allure and intrigue of an antique silken tapestry onto wallpaper. Looking for old world glamour by way of a damask wallpaper then St. Germain enlivens carefree spaces for entertaining and indulgence with its large-scale glittered damask wallpaper pattern upon a linen-like background. Geometric wallpaper is covered with her Salina Ribbon Wallpaper design it maintains the authenticity of the original linen to layer in this symmetrical geometric wallpaper with its knot-work design upon a stitched effect screen printed ground. Pick out your own favourite Lyric from the collection and place it to sing on your wall. The full collection and ranges of Anna French Wallpapers are available to buy online.

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