Streamline Prugna M417-19 Fabric

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Collection: Streamline
Streamline M417/19 Prugna by Mark Alexander
A luxurious cotton velvet with an intimate blend of cotton yarns. The fine brushed finish creates a subtle linear tonality giving a modern characteristic to this classic velvet.


  • Streamline Jasper White M417-01
  • Streamline Pearl M417-02
  • Streamline Silvershell M417-03
  • Streamline Ash M417-04
  • Streamline Metal M417-05
  • Streamline Moonrock M417-06
  • Streamline Eggshell M417-08
  • Streamline Doe M417-09
  • Streamline Truffle M417-10
  • Streamline Antique Gold M417-11
  • Streamline Ocra M417-12
  • Streamline Moss M417-14
  • Streamline Gunmetal M417-15
  • Streamline Charcoal M417-16
  • Streamline Grape M417-17
  • Streamline Rubino M417-18
  • Streamline Blueberry M417-20
  • Streamline Royal Blue M417-21
  • Streamline Peacock M417-22
  • Streamline Whistler Blue M417-23
  • Streamline Iznik Blue M417-24
  • Streamline Mineral M417-25
  • Streamline Ottanio M417-26
  • Streamline Sage M417-27
  • Streamline Foresta M417-28
  • Streamline Persian Red M417-29
  • Streamline Paprika M417-30
  • Streamline Burnt Orange M417-31
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