Sample Service | TM Interiors Limited

TM Interiors would always recommend if selecting high quality designer fabrics and wallpapers for your home interiors that you order a sample for a true accurate colour representation. We always try and ensure the images online are of high quality but no image can recreate the texture and feel of sample swatch.
Samples may also be available for our range of lining and trimmings, aswell as curtain poles and rugs but please contact us regarding these.

It’s quite simple to order a sample of your fabric and wallpaper. Where you find a fabric, wallpaper etc that you are interested in, simply click the ‘order sample’ icon and it will be added to your bag.

How long will samples take to arrive?

Please understand we do not personally hold stock of these samples ourselves we obtain these direct from our suppliers.

There is no ability to stock check the availability so quite often we may have ordered samples only to later discover there were no samples available in the first place.

Also if you order fabric and wallpaper samples from different companies, each company has their own process' which can vary the amount of time we receive samples from them.

Because of this we would allow 10-14 days from the date of your sample order, it is often sooner but please be prepared to wait this length of time.

If there is any issue with the order we will of course contact you to advise.

What size are the samples?

Samples can vary in size depending on the brand, however standard wallpaper samples are most of the time A4 size and fabric samples A6.
Returnable samples are available for fabrics but we charge extra for these.

What are returnable samples?

Returnable samples are available on most patterned fabrics and would be generally large enough to see the whole pattern repeat and therefore understand the effect the pattern can have when used on upholstery or curtaining in your home interiors.

Returnable samples are just that they need to be returned as this is a cost involved in producing these.

How many samples may I order?

We allow as many samples as you wish to order.

How much does your sample service cost?

We no longer offer free sample service and charge £1.00 VAT inc per sample for both fabrics and wallpapers plus delivery. Returnable samples are charged at £30.00 VAT inc and if returned within 30 days £20.00 is refunded allowing us a £10.00 charge for administration. However returnable samples are not always available for all of our products. 

What are your charges for delivery of samples?

Postage depends on how many samples are being ordered for example:

1 Sample £3.00 VAT inc. + Cost of Sample
2-5 Samples £5.00 VAT inc. + Cost of Samples
6-10 Samples £8.00 VAT inc. + Cost of Samples
11-20 Samples £11.00 VAT inc. + Cost of Samples
20-30 Samples £15.00 VAT inc. + Cost of Samples